_Annihilation._ 50 x40 cm, mixmedia on C

Anna Scary is a contemporary dark artist living in Venice (Italy
- I define my art as “disturbing realism” ; my subjects are inner monstrosities -
In her Art everything is exorcised through  dark  entities placed in surreal and suggestive scenarios, Anna paints freely and spontaneously.

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Morbid, creepy , macabre, dark fine art. Dark street art. Stiker art.

disfigured, 30x20cm, mixmedia on Canvas,


Screams over the city.


Urban Terror 

From 31 October 2021 my urban exhibition entitled "Urban Terror" on the streets of Ischia will start through the poster art.
5 of my paintings are exhibited at "ISCHIA STREET ART GALLERY" 
via costantino 28 ,
80075 Isola d'Ischia, Campania ,Italy.

Urban terror.png
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