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 It is not always easy to explain the deepest meaning that lurks behind each of my canvases. There are always so many things one can tell only through the emotions and feelings prompted by my artwork. My art is life, reflection, anger, sadness and hope. And I love to use contrasts, which can be seen especially in the colors. I often juxtapose bright colors to dull colors, and portray dark subjects with suffering expressions. This is a choice that highlights the reality of a life made of contrasts between joys and pains, but it is also a stylistic choice together with the material and almost sculptural effect that I create with the spatula, sometimes defining the shape of the subject. What I enjoy most while painting is experimentation: I experiment with new techniques, often combining them. This has led me to a style that characterizes me; however, I believe that over time there will be further stylistic evolutions because for me it is important to move forward and improve by trial and error,through artistic experimentation my creative path over the years has undergone a disfiguration; I was born as a figurative painter who today through the destruction of the figure has found balance in it . I define my art as “disturbing realism” because through color I express the most suffocated and hidden part of our being, of our feeling and thinking. But oftentimes my works are also a form of social denunciation; my subjects are inner monstrosities that give vent to their screams through the canvas.



Anna Scary is a contemporary horror artist; she graduated from the art high school in 2007 and she moved to Venice (where she still lives) to start her studies at the “Academy of Fine Arts” where she gets the first and second level artistic diploma with the highest score. The academic year’s marks, in particular, the artistic and personal path of the artist who is inspired by different artists of different artistic currents in also different years. The study of contemporary art leads her to greater awareness and pictorial determination, making some elements typical and iconic of Anna’s artworks.

Since childhood, Anna has shown a strong propensity for art, in fact producing art was almost an innate necessity that has been shown in her since when she was a child; during the academic course, she participated in various collective exhibitions and competitions. 

Once the academic path is over follows a period of artistic silence for 6 years, in the summer of 2019 Anna returns to paint with a more decisive and mature style that according to her is still evolving. Each canvas is an experiment, an experience that leads to evolution; in her works the moods, thoughts, and perceptions are exorcised through entities placed in caothoc and suggestive scenarios, Anna paints freely and spontaneously, extraneous to rules and constraints, gives life to her works traveling between figurative and abstract.


witches,30x40cm oil on canvas.jpg

Painting of Pazuzu from The exorcist (horror movie) in a neo expressionist and dark style.

Terrifying, creepy, macabre and dark paintings by a contemporary italian  scary artist.

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